Greater diversity promoted for those in Health and Safety

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Hosking Associates calls for more women to become part of a growing and exciting industry


Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) is increasingly important in every business and all sectors but the profession has its roots in construction and heavy industries, so it is no surprise it is still predominately men involved in this work. As all sectors compete to attract the best and the brightest, OSH is no different and there are more women than ever entering the profession.


Louise Hosking, chartered health and safety (H&S) practitioner and director of Hosking Associates, says: “It’s an exciting time to be part of a crucial, yet evolving industry. International Women’s Day 2019 presents the perfect platform to encourage greater involvement of women in the H&S sector.”


“Helping to protect and effectively manage people and buildings in a healthy, fair and sustainable manner is a challenging task, yet the role is an extremely rewarding one. Its flexible nature is now beginning to make it hugely attractive for both women and men. With the growth of the gig economy and a desire to achieve greater work-life balance, the mental and physical health agenda has grown in focus. Finely tuned soft skills, increased emotional intelligence, mindfulness and mentally agile management are fast becoming some of the most essential skills needed to navigate this changing world of work.”


Louise Hosking puts the success of her own health and safety practice down to the entire team working flexibly, she adds: “This means they are not always at work, but when they are, they are completely engaged. It can take more juggling than it would with predominantly full-time staff, but it forces us to communicate with each other.  We need to look at part-time work differently and not treat it as part of a job. Finding, and then retaining, the best people is hugely challenging, we all need to adapt.”


“Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) initiatives make modern businesses future-fit at a time when we know the brightest are looking for real workplace balance and scrutinising the organisations they join. The sector has a pivotal role to play and OSH professionals should be at the heart of this ‘values revolution’. It’s our time to shine.”


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