Static AC Engineer

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Full Time/Permanent
Facilities Management (main)
Engineering, Maintenance
£40,000 to £49,999
£45000 per annum, Benefits: 45,000 + Career Progression + Training
London City
London Wall
20-06-2024 04:49 PM
AC/Refrigeration Engineer

Are you a proficient AC/Refrigeration specialist keen to elevate your professional journey?

If you're fueled by a passion for unparalleled service and have a flair for troubleshooting, we invite you to be part of our vibrant ensemble.

Company Overview:

We stand tall on pillars of excellence and safety. Our brigade is pivotal in orchestrating the seamless function of our client's extensive portfolio, encompassing both proactive (PPM) and reactive service offerings in alignment with contractual benchmarks. We uphold a safety-first ethos, harmonizing with health, safety, and environmental standards, all while persistently aiming for betterment.

Core Duties:
  • Work Order Mastery: Diligently handle PPM and Reactive tasks, ensuring compliance with contractual benchmarks and SFG 20 standards.
  • Diagnostic Prowess: Apply your adeptness to pinpoint and rectify malfunctions, leveraging advanced diagnostic tools and furnishing detailed diagnostic reports.
  • Inventory Oversight: Streamline the procurement of essential repair materials, flagging shortages and proposing enhancement avenues.
  • Client Relations: Cultivate a polished rapport with client representatives, upholding our gold standard of service delivery.
  • Safety Vigilance: Proactively spotlight and mitigate hazards, perpetuating a secure operational milieu.
  • Process Enhancement: Channel your insights to suggest refinements, optimizing efficiency and bolstering service caliber.
  • End-to-End Ownership: Oversee the entire lifecycle of assigned tasks, upholding meticulous documentation standards.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Ensure meticulous upkeep of site F Gas records and logbooks, seamlessly integrating them into the CAFM system.
  • Maintenance Expertise: Undertake requisite repairs and upkeep for A/C and commercial refrigeration units.
  • Flexibility: Stand ready for overtime, catering to exigent tasks and PPM mandates.
  • Team Synergy: Engage synergistically with peers, spanning Contract Managers to Compliance System & Reporting maestros.
  • Proven Expertise: A demonstrable 2-year track record in AC/Refrigeration engineering.
  • Educational Benchmarks: Possess pertinent Level 3 (6187) NVQ/City and Guilds/Cat 02 qualifications coupled with F Gas Handling and Management (2079) accreditation.
  • Communication Proficiency: Articulate communicator, both in verbal and written realms.
  • CAFM Familiarity: Prior experience with CAFM systems, ideally on handheld devices.
  • Detail Focus: A penchant for precision, complemented by unwavering attention to minutiae.
  • Temporal Mastery: Adeptness in managing time and orchestrating tasks.
  • Client Dedication: An unwavering allegiance to elevating client experiences.
  • Growth Mindset: An insatiable appetite for learning and professional ascension.
  • Collaborative Ethos: Demonstrated ability to function autonomously yet seamlessly integrate within team dynamics.
Kindly note, while this delineation captures the essence of the role, it remains adaptable, with potential additions to responsibilities based on evolving organizational needs.

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