Engineering Manager

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Full Time/Permanent
Facilities Management (main)
Engineering, Maintenance
£50,000 to £74,999
£55000 per annum, Benefits: £80,000 Basic Salary + Overtime + Career Development + HV Training + Pension + Free Parking
London North
20-06-2024 04:49 PM
Technical Maestro - Orchestrating Excellence in Facilities Services (HV/LV Senior Authorised Person)
Location: Embrace the Vibrancy of Midlands, London, and Beyond

🌟 Join the crescendo of success as a Technical Manager in our Facilities Services, where you become the virtuoso shaping harmony across static sites and mobile service delivery contracts. Your stage is set amidst the vibrant landscapes of the Midlands, London, and surrounding areas, with occasional travels to add that extra touch of excitement.

Key Responsibilities:

🎵 Command the pivotal role of an HV/LV Senior Authorised Person, orchestrating statutory compliance in tandem with contract requirements, supporting operational teams with expertise.
🎵 Lead the technical compliance orchestra, skillfully covering the mechanical and electrical nuances of contract services, setting the bar by not just meeting but exceeding compliance commitments.
🎵 Direct the training and competency assessment of our talented staff, ensuring they are equipped to play their essential roles with excellence.

Additional Duties:

🎵 Compose and maintain technical and regulatory standards for maintenance, constantly innovating and implementing effective processes, policies, and procedures.
🎵 Harmonize registrations for OFTEC, Gas Safe, F Gas, NICEIC, etc., maintaining registers of virtuoso competent persons.
🎵 Navigate through the rich repertoire of Company procedures, guidance manuals, technical standards, and regulations.
🎵 Support internal and external audits, ensuring a seamless performance aligned with contractual and legislative obligations.
🎵 Contribute to the overture of planning, setup, mobilization, and operation of contracts and additional sites.
🎵 Ensure contractual compliance becomes a well-practiced sonata, maintaining meticulous record-keeping.
🎵 Craft written communication that paints a professional image to our esteemed customers and staff.
🎵 Collaborate in the technical assessments of NGB personnel, adding your unique melody to the ensemble.
🎵 Masterfully fulfill the role of Authorising Engineer for Electrical & Mechanical safe systems of work.


🎵 Showcase your electrical qualifications, a minimum of C&G's Level 3, ideally reaching a crescendo at HNC Level 2.
🎵 Display virtuosity as an experienced HV SAP, with training that resonates with excellence.
🎵 Attain qualifications to become a NICEIC Qualified Supervisor, embodying the essence of competence.
🎵 Achieve the IEng status or equivalent, earning your place in the hall of excellence.
🎵 Demonstrate professional membership in relevant bodies (IET, CIBSE, etc.), a testament to your orchestral prowess.
🎵 Embrace a client-facing demeanor, harmonizing with the team in a symphony of collaboration.
🎵 Possess a deep understanding of building services, contributing your unique timbre to the melody.
🎵 Showcase previous/current management skills, proving your ability to lead the ensemble.
🎵 Reveal detailed knowledge of PPM Systems, demonstrating your mastery over the technical composition.

If you are a motivated virtuoso, poised with the required qualifications and experience, ready to elevate our Facilities Services to new heights of technical and statutory compliance, we invite you to take center stage and apply for this exhilarating opportunity. Let's create a symphony of success together! 🎶✨

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