Cheaper cost of living is the biggest motive behind UK workers relocating

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Outsourced communications provider, Moneypenny has explored UK workers' habits and attitudes towards relocating by exploring demographics such as age, region and gender.

Over half of those polled (59%) say they would be willing to move to a new location for their job. And the average distance people are prepared to relocate is 250.6 miles. 

On the other hand, only 29% said they would not be willing to relocate. 

The survey also looked into how many employees would move to another city if they were required to because of their job. Over half (53%) would move cities, while only 20% wouldn’t.

The research also explored how far from their current location those surveyed would be open to relocating for a job. 

The top 5 most common number of miles were as follows:

  1. More than 1000 miles (16%)

  2. 51 to 100 miles (14%)

  3. 21 to 30 miles (11%)

  4. 41 to 50 miles (10%)

  5. 31 to 40 miles (8%)

Moneypenny also found that those aged 45-54 are most likely to say (32%) they would be happy to relocate more than 1000 miles

The poll also explored whether UK workers would prefer to live somewhere more rural or more urban. 27% of those surveyed answered that they have already left the city to move to somewhere rural and 42% would like to relocate to a more rural area but haven’t done so. Additionally, just 17% would rather stay living in a city.

Furthermore, those questioned were asked if they were given the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere they want, almost half (46%) said they would relocate to a more rural area, while 29% would relocate to an urban area or a different city. 10% would move abroad. 

When looking into the regional data, the regions that stood out the most were: 

  • A more rural area - East Anglia (69%)

  • A more urban area/city - Northern Ireland (63%)

  • Abroad - West Midlands (21%)

Moneypenny also investigated the motives behind why UK workers would move to another city for work if they had the opportunity, the top five were:

  1. Cheaper cost of living (50%)

  2. To start a new chapter in life (46%)

  3. For partner (44%)

  4. For family (42%)

  5. To leave a city (39%)

Finally, Moneypenny also found that over a third (36%) of those polled said that they have moved because of a job and didn’t regret it. However, 29% said that they have moved jobs many times and regretted it later and finally, 28% said that they have moved once and regretted it.

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