Pension Awareness Day: 42% of employees said a pension is the benefit that’s most important to them

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Today (15 September) marks Pension Awareness Day, and as many people reassess their working lives in a post-pandemic world, having substantial benefits is key.

Analysis from Moneypenny has highlighted just how important a pension is as a work benefit. After analysing 1000 job advertisements on Indeed.com, and surveying 1,000 UK office workers, they can now reveal the most popular benefits that employers offer. 

  • A pension was the most listed benefit across all job advertisements
  • 41% of employers listed ‘pension’ as a work perk
  • 42% of survey participants said a pension is the benefit that’s most important to them

The top three perks listed as important to UK workers were also the top three listed as what they believe should be mandatory for employees. 

These were a pension, sick pay and flexible working hours.

The survey also revealed that 48% of men believe that a pension is actually more vital, whilst women think sick pay is more important as a mandatory benefit (59%).

Older generations (55+) prefer to have a pension above any other work benefit, with 60% saying so. 

Survey results also highlighted that having a pension as a mandatory perk in the workplace was the top choice for workers in East Anglia, East Midlands, London, North West, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

To read Moneypenny's full report 'The Work Perks on Offer for UK Job Hunters' click here.

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