1.4m workers may not be covered by the government's Lifetime Skills Guarantee 

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From Bartender to Builder: increases in redundancies sees a spike in trades jobs

Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, a mobile billing service for the trades, discusses the robust sentiment of the UK's trade workforce during a second wave and how it is becoming a haven for job creation

Boris Johnson's Lifetime Skills Guarantee was introduced in September, as part of a measure to shake-up adult education, by offering fully-funded college courses to over 18s in England who do not have an A-level or equivalent qualification. However, the Work Foundation recently found that 1.4 million low-paid workers may be unable to take part in the scheme, as they had at least one qualification which would make them ineligible. 

Now, with a second lockdown in place, many have been looking towards work in sectors that remain open, with the construction and the trade sectors fast becoming havens of job creation. The continuation of trade in the construction sector will prove to be the backbone of the economy as well as employment during these concerning times. 

Here, Powered Now, a mobile-based billing, invoicing and quotation application which specialises in trades, unveils the robust sentiment the UK's tradespeople have towards their work, as well as the trade now becoming a new haven for job creation

Key Statistics:

  • 18% of Brits agree that after COVID, they are now considering employment within a trade sector to pick up additional work or to commence a new career in a trade
  • 15% of tradespeople have seen their client demand increase post-COVID, to their highest levels ever
  • 18% of tradespeople have such a backlog of work that they no longer have the time to source any new business

Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, discusses how British construction and home improvements are essential in providing a backbone for employment and the economy:

"The economic recovery we have seen recently is indeed welcome, but of course with much of Britain in a state of national lockdown over the month of November, this month and the subsequent winter season are of course going to present yet more challenges. That’s why it would prudent to look towards sectors that remain open, such as construction and the trades, to provide the kind of stability we need at the moment.

"The new restrictions have had a negligible impact on the construction sector so far, and overall activity around construction has to be welcomed. Given the bonanza that housebuilders are currently experiencing from the stamp duty reduction, it's no surprise that they are the best performing sector of the construction industry. Whether this boom for the housing industry will be followed by a bust is unknown. At the moment, most firms are just grateful for the good business they are getting right now given how much other sectors are suffering.​ 

"Our research has very much shown that for those struggling with employment, many can follow many before them and start a new career in the construction and trade sectors.

"The trade industry is traditionally a real mixed bag. Most people with think of the trade as a one-man band that comes to service your boiler or fix your blocked sink. However, there are also thousands of handymen and sub-contractors for larger firms that will tend to operate as their own entity. This will provide the perfect opportunity for millions of people looking to find work in a sector that is strongly bouncing back following the first lockdown."

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