71% of employees have turned down opportunities due to lack of confidence

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Research conducted by professional training company Roar Training has uncovered that lack of confidence is holding 71% of employees back at work.   

The study of 250 employees from across the globe revealed that 71% of employees have turned down opportunities due to lack of confidence.

In fact, 51% of employees have turned down the opportunity to speak at an event or conference because they were worried about their performance and 16% have even said no to a promotion because they did not feel they were ready.

When averaged to the total number of responses, of the 71% who responded that they have turned down opportunities because of confidence, 51% were women and 49% were men. Of the 16% who have turned down a promotion because they did not feel ready, 58% were women, 42% were men.

This supports that whilst there are social constructs that have, and continue, to hold women back in the workplace, a fear of exclusion, of not doing it right, or getting it wrong, is very much a human response.

The research collated by Roar Training's founder Kirsty Hulse shows that lack of confidence is more prevalent than many would believe. 

Hulse commented: "Confidence is not just a thing that some people have, it can be learnt, nurtured, developed and drawn upon at key moments. We can manage our nerves, regulate our emotions and develop new patterns of thinking.

“As neuroscience continues to uncover more of what we understand about the brain and how this impacts our behaviours, I would go as far as to say that the development of confidence within teams will stop being an elusive skill that we silently all wish we had more of and a practical skill that we work to actively attain."

You can read more about the findings here: https://roar.training/71-of-us-have-turned-down-opportunities-because-of-confidence/



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