Equans launches data apprenticeships academy to enhance data and digital literacy

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Equans has partnered with technology company Multiverse to offer its UK employees data apprenticeships through the newly launched Equans Digital & Energy Services Data Academy.

Employees taking part in the academy will develop skills including data analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and predictive modelling. Multiverse will deliver the high-quality education and training programme through applied learning.

Two different apprenticeships will be available to Equans employees - Data Literacy and Data Fellowship, with an initial programme focussed on 75 staff. The 13-month Data Literacy programme covers core technical skills required to transform data into business insights. The 15-month Data Fellowship programme delivers best-in-class training in advanced data analysis capabilities, giving apprentices the skills to clean, analyse and model data, and tell data stories to non-specialists. 

Equans’ investment into these apprenticeships aims to improve the use of data to drive efficiency in production, and identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.  

These two new programmes further strengthen Equans’ commitment to its employees through training and development opportunities. Across the UK, Equans already has more than 500 apprentices, ranging in age between 16 and 70, working across a wide variety of disciplines.

James Graham, Divisional CEO of Digital & Energy Services at Equans UK & Ireland, commented: “The Equans Digital & Energy Services Data Academy is designed to further equip our teams with essential data skills for today's digital work environment, fostering efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

“Data is a strategic asset for us, and so it is vital that we have the internal resource skilled to extract the value from it. The aim is to have the capability across the business to turn data into insights that can help drive decision making. 

“With better ability to use digital tools, we expect team members to see an average time saving of six hours per week: empowering them to do more meaningful work. This training won’t just enhance the participants ability to do their job, but it will drive forward their careers with new skills.”

By partnering with Multiverse, apprentices benefit from coaching with an industry expert and are supported by a thriving community with events, socials, mentoring and leadership programmes.

Euan Blair, CEO at Multiverse said "When you look at the pace of technological change today, businesses and individuals have to be incredibly intentional about how they invest in and develop their workforces. Equans have recognised this, and by rolling out data training in partnership with Multiverse they're not only empowering their people with enhanced, in-demand skills: they're also advancing their ability as a business to adapt and deliver for customers." 

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